Tuesday, May 10, 2011

interesting reads

I came across a book in the school library the other day and the title truly shocked me. i was wondering if people knew what it meant.
the title? Oedipus.

When i took the book to my lit class, i was surprised that the younger generation know little of these terms.
they are always fascinated when they hear the meaning of these terms.

read more on the following sites.

Oedipus complex - http://www.theatrehistory.com/ancient/oedipus001.html

psychosexual development - http://www.victorianweb.org/science/freud/develop.html

Freud - http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/freud.html

read this and you will realise how they have shaped "wo/mankind"


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grim or happily ever after?

So you love to write. But, you dont know what makes a story successful?
You may not realise this but you probably have read or seen the Disney's versions of Cinderella, Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty, or erm...Thumbelina, and other such books/shows...right?

Well, let's see - what makes all these stories/cartoons so flipping fantastic?

1. damsel/person in distress - check!
2. prince/princess in shining armor - check!
3. villains who make poor damsel miserable - check!
4. weird friends or animals who understand and help damsel - check
5. damsel/person waiting to be rescued - check!
6. wedding bells - check
7. some supernatural element - check

Ahh...Wonders of all wonders, aren't these great elements to write a NEW fantastic story? not familiar?
check this out.

Ever heard/watched or read The Twilight Saga?

1. damnsel in distress - Bella Swan - check!
2. prince in shining armor - Edward Cullen - check!
3. villains who make poor damsel miserable = James (Twilight) or Volturi - check!
4. weird friends/animals who understands and help damsel - wolves (Jacob) - check!
5. damsel waiting to be rescued - err, need i say more?
6. wedding bells - err - the wedding between Edward and Bella
7. some supernatural element - vampires who are dead but have semen that can impregnate humans - check!

Successful formula?


So, grim or happily ever after?
The latter speaks louder of course.

What are you waiting for? Go write a successful story. You already know what it takes...

Happy writing!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Yes, you read it right. LIE is Literature in English.

Literature is such a big long word that many people, young and old are intimidated by it. The mere thought of reading (gasp) and understanding very big words of course can be scary, especially if you have difficulty with vocabulary and grammar. However, Lit is not scary at all.


Well, first of all, Lit helps people understand people better. It does. Lit helps you open your eyes to things around, things you already know or are familiar with, but sometimes don't realize.

Don't understand?
Familiar with the story of The 3 Little Pigs?
Well, if you follow the version i know [http://math-www.uni-paderborn.de/~odenbach/pigs/pigs.html], there are things that we take for granted or are oblivious about.

Let's look at characters.
1. The Mother - seeing her children big, she gives them great advice and warning. And off the children go out into the BIG BAD WORLD.
So what you ask?
How many moms do you know who let their children just go off into the world like that?
Is this the best way to parent children? Let them make their own choices, come what may? Or do you continue to protect them from the BIG BAD WOLF?

2. the three little pigs
Why did they not work together? Why the need for separate houses? Obedient to mother's orders?
Sibling rivalry?

3. the MEN who gave free straw, wood and bricks?

4. the Wolf?
Why is he the big bad wolf? Isn't this the circle of life?

And then there are themes and moral values to learn from. Things to consider, reflect upon and improve on in life.

Example : The third little pig built a house of bricks. He got help from others.
Value : Ask for help when you need it, and often times a helping hand can make life that much better.

It's a simple story. But you can sure ask a lot of questions.
Now, this is only a simple short story for children, wait till you read some of our texts for Lit.

Do you dare take it?

Ms L